Nathan Lonnie

Gothic 3 - a game that needs to be savored

Gothic 3 is a game that was published by JoWood Productions and created by the German company, Piranha Bytes. As you may know, this game continues the series of Gothic games and it managed to do it with style.
Let's talk a little bit about the story.

After the events from the appreciated game, Gothic 2, our nameless hero starts together with his friends to on the sea and from there to Myrtana. Once they get there, they notice the fact that the situation is not so good as it was in the humans land: the orcs have taken over the big majority of the villages and force people to become slaves, and the king is hiding with his soldiers in the capital city, Vengard, where is surrounded by a magical cupola (just like in first Gothic). Plus, the people that haven't become slaves divided into rebels (loyal to the king) and hind in caves, and those who have decided to join the orcs are called mercenaries. 

During the game, the hero will have to choose to be whether a rebel or to join the orcs in order to dominate people, to look for five legendary artefacts to end the war between Gods and to look for his mentor, Xardas, who is actually supposed to be responsible for the orcs domination. The rest you will find out if you decide to play the game.

Now, let's talk a little bit about the gameplay and see important rules.

Like every other RPG game, the player gains experience by solving missions and killing all kind of beasts from the game. This game is different from the previous one since now the player has the chance to personalize his character compared to the previous game in which were a couple of defined models - you can verify all in tutorial. To progress in the game, the hero will have to gain reputation in every city in order to have access to the leaders. In this case, if the player choose the rebels path, he will have to set free the city from the orcs domination. But don't worry, see the guide and all will clarify. 

Speaking about graphic and music, the game needs quite resources to be able to be played, but if you have at least the minimum required, you can be sure that you will have a top experience. The music may be the best part of the game since it is amazing, expressive and diverse.
In big lines, as you may all have expected, Gothic 3 is a good game despite the fact that at the time being it wouldn't be wrong to call it an outdated game.